My family and faith are what keep me going. I have been married to my beautiful wife since 2004 and will continue to be until she gets tired of me. We have a daughter, son, two dogs, and love to travel. I strive to follow Jesus in all I do, although I fall short everyday. 

We are active members in our local church and believe that God comes first, then family, and after that everything will fall in to place. 

After starting the trades fresh out of high school, I knew it would be something I was interested in. My Dad started building full time after moving to Robbinsville, NC in 1998. Sadly he passed away in 2017, I was blessed to have him the years I did. Coming out of high school he was teaching my brother and I how to build houses from the ground up. As I continued to learn and get more interested I studied all trades to be more well rounded. I haven't stopped being interested in trades and continue to grow and learn, and likely will never stop! My Mom is an obvious supporter of whatever I do and that's how it should be!